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Tonight, at the plot bunny buffet

I had an idea today, and you can steal it for your plot bunny…

I’ll tell you the idea as I had it, you can abuse it any way you like.

A man wakes up in a hotel.

He doesn’t know how to get to the hotel, or why he’s there.

He went to bed last night, woke up in a hotel this morning.

He is wearing pajamas that are not his own, but they fit well.

By context (TV, newspaper, or looking out a window) he concludes that he is in Paris.

That Paris, the one in France.

There are clothes in the closet, very good clothes that fit him.

He has a wallet with about five thousand Euros in it and four major credit cards in his name.

He has a drivers’ license and a passport.

There is also a cell phone that rings.

The man answers the phone and is informed that if he goes to Brussels, someone will give him a case and if he takes the case to Frankfurt, someone else will pay him ten million dollars.

This then begins a race to Belgium, and then Germany.

Our hero is not a member of the SAS, he isn’t a former Navy Seal, he’s a normal, everyday guy.

On his way to Belgium, our hero is nearly mugged, and someone approaches him to make an offer that they’ll give him twenty thousand dollars to just give this up.

No one tells him what’s in the case and warns that it’s probably booby trapped to stop anyone tampering with it.

He gets an accomplice/bodyguard in Brussels who helps him on the rest of the journey. The other person (it should probably be a woman because of tropes) doesn’t know what’s in the case or why they want it any more than our hero.

The two of them then adventure their way to Germany, after basically being in a coldwar spy thriller from the late 70s/early 80s.

And now, the spoiler (don’t read if you don’t want my spoiler)

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