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Twins in Death: Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

A Last Attempt at Ragnarok



June 1st, 1711

9:04 a.m.


            The Weirdo was leaning against the wall, his jerkin buttoned to his throat as the Captain’s was. The two of them watched as one person then another walked past the guards at the door. The king was having yet another one of his delightful, parties which were just a way for him to demean and degrade everyone around him. The Weirdo didn’t particularly like this young man, but he had been assigned to learn everything he could from the captain of his royal guards, and thus here he was.


            He looked at the other Musketeers and wondered how many of them held the same grudge against the king. Was it just the love of the captain that kept them here? The Captain had been a Musketeer during the bad days, when the Cardinal had started the war with England. The Weirdo looked at the Captain and glanced at a priest who walked in and nodded to the Captain who nodded back.


            “Is that?” The Weirdo asked, stopping himself before he finished.


            “He is.” The Captain said.


            The Weirdo looked back at the black robed priest as he walked across the floor. He was taller than The Weirdo had thought he would be. He wondered for a moment what Miss Parker would say if she could see him. Her first thing might be that they were about a hundred and fifty years before her birth, but after that there would be amazement. She would be shocked to find a man she thought to know only the obscenities of the French language speaking it well enough to have become the trusted Lieutenant of the Captain of the Royal Guards in only two years.


            “I had better go check the west posts.” He said straightening up from the stone pillar. “He’ll want to go out into the garden soon, best to make sure everyone is in place.”


            “Very well.” The Captain said. “I’ll meet you by the great fountain.”



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