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Twins in Death: Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

A Force of Nature


At Home


            The Grandfather looked at the poor sick boy and asked if he needed anything besides the orange juice. The boy said he didn’t, he wanted to know what came next. This story had been so long, and he wanted to know how it ended now that he was so near the end. Grandpa had held the moment out too. Giving him all that talk about alternate realities and hanging forever on the possibility that this was the reality where The Weirdo got his head cut off.


            There were tissues near the bedside, and the boy’s cough drops were in good supply. The grandfather looked at the closed door, knowing no one was going to interrupt. He looked at the book with trepidation, his eyes moving across the page and then up at the child’s open and wondering face.


            It didn’t look good, when we last left our hero the katana was one and ¼ inch from his neck, moving faster than the speed of sound. The Weirdo, and we must be realistic here, was already dead. There wasn’t much that could be done at this point to save him. Now that’s a sad idea, but it’s a fact that people like The Weirdo don’t get to live to the ending. Those who live by the sword and all that.


            “So what happened?” The boy asked.


            “You sure you’re feeling well enough for this?” The old man asked, looking a little disturbed as he looked at the book. “I mean things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. Sometimes, even the hero dies.”


            “I gotta know.” The boy said. “Even if he dies, I’ve gotta know.”


            “But if he dies here, that’s it. If he’s killed here, you know that the world is over.”


            “If we don’t go on, I’ll never know. I’ve gotta know.”


            “Okay.” The old man said putting his glasses back on.  “Let’s see where were we? Ah yes.”



            The blade whistled through the air, ready to take the head form The Weirdo and…


            “Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”


            “Will you tell me?” The boy screamed. “What the blistering fuck happens next?


            The blade whistled through the air, ready to take the head form The Weirdo and…






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