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I have a book to suggest…

I have been told that a book called Erotic Vampire Bank Heist exists.

HOLY SHIT! What more do you need?

From the Publisher…
“When a sensuous safecracker and the King of the Vampires begin a torrid love affair in 1974, nothing can stand in their way: not the nationwide crime syndicate, not the Vampire Mafia… not even the rampaging forces of nature itself!
With a ragtag team of stuntmen, conmen, lesbians, and bisexual swingers, Count Dracula and Emily Malone are going to take what they need from the vaults of Bullitsville, Kentucky… and they’re not going to stop until their sexy desires are met! But between the gunfights and threesomes, the shootouts and the incest, the secret needs of a centuries-old conspiracy is growing…and when its shocking betrayal is enacted, neither the living nor the Undead can survive its onslaught!
Airport Books is proud to bring you E.J. Ehlers’ Erotic Vampire Bank Heist in all its uncut glory. It’s like Dracula by Sam Peckinpah and Anais Nin! Varney The Vampire by Jim Thompson and Erica Jong! And it’s like nothing you’ve ever read before!
Erotic Vampire Bank Heist: Because the only thing a vampire hates more than a cross…is a double cross.”

This sort of horseshit MUST be encouraged!

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