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Twins in Death: Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen




November 3rd, 2002

3:21 p.m.


            The room was so dark that very little detail could be made out, beyond the cones of hard light. They stood in a circle, like a council of war. They wore robes of purple material with red trimmings. The hoods of each robe were drawn up, concealing every aspect of the wearer. They had to meet in this way, to maintain the secrecy under which they had operated so long.


            “Is he the one?” One of them asked.


            “He defeated Loki.” Another, a large one in a felt robe, said. “And he came back from the dead.”


            “That was part of it.” A thin small figure in a silk robe said. “So far all signs point to him being the knight.”


            “So he may very well be it?” The figure who seemed to be the leader said.


            “I think so.”


            “He’s been in hiding so long though.” Another said. “The knight is supposed to be in constant vigilance.”


            “He was given a terrible blow.” The leader said. “He may very well remain hidden until we draw him out.”


            “But the prophecy.” The arguer said.


            “Prophets don’t know everything.” The Leader said, “We will watch and if he is the one, we will draw him out. It will take months perhaps to decide.”


            “If he is the one, are we ready?”


            “We are.” The leader said. “I’ve prepared for everything.”




Final note:


            So we see that perhaps The Weirdo died and returned from the Grave, although all official documents and biographies claim he lapsed into a coma, which he rose from. There has been some conjecture as to where Loki and Virgil actually came from as well, since some reports have said they were implanted in women’s wombs and some say they were grown in vats. It must be said that as far as official records go, it is very hard to find confirmation or even denial of the claims in this book. We can only hope that further tomes will shed light onto the tale.



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