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Thor 2 is like a meatmarket for women’s fantasies.

So we went to see Thor 2, and I liked it… BUUUUUT

I feel like I was watching some kind of parade that wasn’t meant for me. Like a guy walked out and said “Hey ladies! What do you like? Cause we got ’em. You like ’em big, blonde, blue eyed and beefy? Chris, come on out! You like ’em dark, tousled, emo and just a bit evil but with a heavy dose of you can make it all better with your love? Tom, get yer cute ass out here! Maybe you like ’em a bit older? More mature? Kind of a Swedish James Bond, the later years? Still has a sense of humor and will run around naked for a joke? Stellan? If you would? Or maybe you like ’em just a bit down to earth and kind of geeky. New boy here, named Jonathan Howard.

“Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying ‘But I’m bi or a lesbian.’ well rest assured I didn’t forget you. You like them smart, sylphlike, and over serious? Natalie is here for you. What about more of a tough chick? Jaimie, smile at the crowd? More of a momma’s girl? Rene is still lookin’ good, isn’t she? And if you wanna have a geeky, down to earth three way with Jonathan, we brought Kat back too. They look good together, don’t they?

So what’da like ladies? We’ve got it all and we brought it here for you. Oh, and for the boys…. have some evil space elves or some shit.”

I have never felt more superfluous to a movie’s audience than I did today. But, I’m guessing that’s how a lot of non-white, non-cis, non-straight, non-males feel all the time. And my crowd was well represented on screen. I just felt like we were there for different reasons than normal.

ETA: Syd wants me to mention that Natalie Portman got to wear a pretty-pretty princess dress and that Idris Elba is a pretty man when you get his helmet off.

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