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Yes, I have a list

If you’re not one of my far-flung family members (of either my blood, or chosen family) yo may ignore this post. It involves me mentioning some things I want in a way that’s easier to convey than a normal e-mail might be.

I need a new Camera. Mine has been in the shop for three months and I have no idea when or if I’ll ever get it back. I’ve been wanting to upgrade anyway. If someone is looking for a major big ticket item, I would like a red Pentax K-30. There is actually a pretty good deal on one here. Really, any good SLR camera would make me happy right now.

I could use a new long coat, and a nice hat to go with it. I’ve got a couple of coats I’ve been looking at… Shackelford (Size 48) or a Coburn Great Coat There is also a lighter lab coat (XL/2X) (color is not so important, it comes in white, brown, black and red)

Now as far as hats go, my head is 24 inches… I have great love for this John Bull Top Hat and this Derby. Both of them come in black and you’d want to get an XL. There is also this red top hat, but that’s just silly if you don’t also get a red coat (48 chest 50 belly)

My membership to the Henry Ford lapsed a little while ago, we have the Companion level and would like to have it again.

Annd, there is always the wishlist at Amazon and Amazon UK

I’ve been wanting to try some solar power chargers lately, there are a few different ones I’ve picked out.
Instapark Mercury 4S
Anker 14W
Opteka BP-SC8000
Poweradd Apollo2

There’s always a knife or two, like the Ringed Razel and the folding Razel. One or two sword canes look neat. Aaaaand of course there is this bad boy that I’ve wanted for years. Or it’s cheaper brother.

There is also a pair of sword and their friend.

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