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Trying Syd’s Book Experiment

Last January, Syd decided that while she has read many, many books, there were large gaps in her reading history. She hasn’t actually read that many classics, beyond those associated with the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres. So she read Dracula, The Maltese Falcon, Pride & Prejudice and so on. It was an attempt to step outside of her comfort zone and see what else is out in the greater world of books.

Well, it’s harder for me to step outside my own comfort zone, because I’ve at least made a valiant attempt at a wider spectrum of books. However, I’ve got a few lined up. The first thing is going to be Jack Kerouac’s On The Road. It has also been suggested that if I don’t read Silverlock pretty damn soon, my father will kick me in the ass.

So that’s going to be the first two. I will make a serious attempt at at least one book a month, and if I read two then the second doesn’t count. This means I can’t read four books in January and then skip until May. I will have to come up with 10 more books though. As I understand Syd’s Rules: The books have to be classic enough that someone teaches them somewhere. They have to be books I’ve either never read or never actually finished when I was assigned them in school. I’m adding in the rule that it can’t be a sequel to a book I’ve read before. So it wouldn’t be any good me reading book seven of a series where I’ve already read books one through six.

Since I’ve never actually read any Kerouac, his road book should make a good first entry. I’ll let you know a few days after New Year’s…


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