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Book Lists

I always find lists like this one about Underrated Novels by Great Authors a little troubling. Not because I assume snobbery on the part of the writer, I’m not getting that vibe from this. There ARE plenty of lists out there that are just “If you read/don’t read these, then you are a worthless asshole who shouldn’t even be allowed to read my blog GET OFF MY BLOG!” however, this isn’t one of those.

This is just someone saying “HEY! These are great stories and if you like great stories then these are some stories you might want to read and maybe you don’t know about them, and that’s why I’m telling you!” which I’m always fine with. Any time you want to share what makes you joyful, I will listen.

No, they’re troubling because I have that moment of “Aw man. Now I’ve got eight more books to throw on the every growing pile of books that I haven’t been able to get to, but would probably really enjoy.” Because the world is FULL of books. It’s eight because I’ve read two of these, you guess which two. There are more books in a single local library than you could read in a lifetime.

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