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Fred Phelps’ Legacy

You know, though his antics, Fred Phelps made a lot of people realize how silly homophobia was. He really made people sit back with wonder, and ask themselves if the problem wasn’t internal. He gave a perfect emblem that people could point to and ask “Are you like him?” when the question of homosexuality came up. Fred Phelps was, if anything the greatest force in the universe for the advancement of gay rights. By trolling everyone so stupendously, he got people who would have taken decades to even admit the humanity of the other ally themselves in this cause.

And all those people who had more or less decided to just keep quite about it. Who thought that the gays weren’t doing any harm, but didn’t want to get involved? You picket a soldier’s funeral and they get involved. Suddenly it was about all of us! It gave them the courage to speak their mind, say as they find, and announce that he was an asshole. 78 year old church goer this week told me she thought he was an asshole. Awesome. Every time someone noticed what a raging dickhead Phelps and his clan were, the further they wanted to be from agreeing with them.

THANKS FRED! Your legacy is that some very (formerly) homophobic people I know examined their reasons, found them lacking and switched sides. You made the world markedly less homophobic. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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