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Brothers & Sisters – Chapter Two: Introductions All Around

Brothers & Sisters
A Tale of The Weirdo
By Brett N. Lashuay

Chapter Two: Introductions All Around



March 27th, 2003

4:16 p.m.


            Tommy was able to sit up on the hospital bed, although he looked to be in some discomfort. His hands and upper arms were bandaged and although he had taken pains, the back of his neck had a large bandage taped across it. There was the yellow amber stain of antibiotic soaking through the white cloth of the gauze that they had wrapped around him. His face was uncut though, and for that they were glad.


            Jack entered the room first, followed by The Weirdo and Max came after them. Tommy watched them through the haze of the morphine they were feeding him through a drip. It was only because of this drip that he was able to sit on his rump at all.


            “Hi.” Tommy said. “You’ve come to take me home?”


            “We have indeed.” The Weirdo said.

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