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Brothers & Sisters – Chapter Three: Icabod’s Wild Ride

This is basically an un-edited version of this book. There will be typos. There will be your/you’re errors, because I’m dyslexic as hell. Why am I posting it? I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that some major things needed to change, so I’m changing them. However, I like the old version and I already gave you Twins In Death in the old form, so have this one too. It doesn’t matter, the books are being re-written, so enjoy.

Brothers & Sisters
A Tale of The Weirdo
By Brett N. Lashuay

Chapter Three

Icabod’s Wild Ride



March 28th, 2003

2:01 p.m.


            To say The Weirdo was sitting in his room was a bit of a misnomer, as it wasn’t exactly true. The house was mostly divided into a series of suites, rather than single rooms. Some of the suites had more rooms than others did; The Weirdo’s suite for instance had higher ceilings than the rest of the house. His was the highest room in the house, and held the top floor spot. The servants quarters had been taken out and the space given to making higher ceilings. A few rooms still remained but they were for storage of things that large houses had. Mrs. Pendleton had a small suite of rooms on the ground floor, which is where she had requested to be allowed to stay.


The Weirdo was sitting in his room though, a small dressing room that he had made into a makeshift study. A table, with a computer sitting on it was sitting against one wall, wires leading away from it to the wall. He was sitting in an armchair next to one of the large windows, looking out at the ocean. You couldn’t see the city from this room it was the wrong side of the house. He could see the sparkling ocean though, which was without any birds. He noticed for the first time in some time, he couldn’t see any sea birds.


            Sea birds are a regular fixture anywhere near New York City. A part from the fact that sea birds stick near the shore, there is a huge amount of food for a clever bird. He didn’t see any birds out there today though. While odd though, this wasn’t a great mystery to be delved into now. It was simply another fact to be stored back and collated as he went along. It did poke at him though, but he pushed it back for other thoughts.

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