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Brothers & Sisters – Chapter Seven: A New Twin (What again?)

This is basically an un-edited version of this book. There will be typos. There will be your/you’re errors, because I’m dyslexic as hell. Why am I posting it? I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that some major things needed to change, so I’m changing them. However, I like the old version and I already gave you Twins In Death in the old form, so have this one too. It doesn’t matter, the books are being re-written, so enjoy.

Brothers & Sisters
A Tale of The Weirdo
By Brett N. Lashuay

Chapter Seven

A New Twin (What again?)


April 1st, 2003

5:12 p.m.


            “Do we wanna talk here?” The Weirdo asked.


            Both The Weirdo and The Gray man looked at each other and then at the group gathered around them. The gray man seemed to consider if he did or not, it was risky. He could have told them all, or he could have just told The Weirdo. He thought that maybe he should just tell The Weirdo. He looked at Max, and fixed on him a way to get them all to leave.


            “Where is Azela, Max?”


            “She said she was getting some things from her apartment this morning.”


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