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Brothers & Sisters – Chapter Seventeen: The Fever

Note: The point isn’t really for you guys to read a chapter everyday. That would be crazy, these chapters are about 30 pages long. This is just an info-dump situation, collect them all and read at your leisure.

This is basically an un-edited version of this book. There will be typos. There will be your/you’re errors, because I’m dyslexic as hell. Why am I posting it? I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that some major things needed to change, so I’m changing them. However, I like the old version and I already gave you Twins In Death in the old form, so have this one too. It doesn’t matter, the books are being re-written, so enjoy.

Brothers & Sisters
A Tale of The Weirdo
By Brett N. Lashuay

Chapter Seventeen

The Fever



April 12th, 2003

2:21 p.m.


            “Can it be done?” Lilith asked.


            “Yes.” Chandelroth said, looking at the large book before him.


            “This isn’t really the sort of thing we should be doing Lilith.” Peach said.


            “Peach.” Lilith said calmly. “This is exactly the sort of thing we should be doing.”


            “I can perform the right in two days time.” Chandelroth said. “Ten minuets before midnight on the fourteenth.”


            “What do you need?” Lilith asked.


            “We already have everything.” Chandelroth said. “All we need to do is wait.”





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