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Brothers & Sisters – Chapter Twenty-Two: The Plan

Brothers & Sisters
A Tale of The Weirdo
By Brett N. Lashuay

Chapter Twenty-Two


The Plan


April 11th, 2003

4:01 p.m.


            Charon had been the ferryman for a very long time, since the creation of the post actually. The obols had been his idea, so that he could by himself a few things now and then. He had never been greedy about it, and had often let nice people who didn’t have a coin on the boat from time to time. He had been so successful and the world had become so populated he’d been able to expand, and was now the leader of a fleet of ten. He hadn’t ever really given credence to the rumors of an end. They’d been talking about an end to everything, well since the beginning really. Now though, it was looking like it could all end. Everything could be taken away, in just a moment, just like that. He looked at the two men who he was now ferrying across the river to what he’d always referred to as the live side. He listened to what they were saying and it worried him.


            “How many?” The one in gray asked.


            “Maybe one hundred thousand.” The one all in blue answered. “Maybe five, I’m not sure. It’s like cattle, every time we’d pass a group, a few would stick. Some times we’d pass by and there’s be no one left when we were gone. They’ve been waiting for someone to lead them out of there, some of them have been waiting a long time.”


            “Now tell me the other part.” The gray coated one said.


            “Other part?”


            “The part that’s worrying you Tommy.”


            Charon lifted his staff from the water, bits of the Styx dribbling over his weather beaten hands. They had done this for ages, the water dribbling over the rod and across his hands. That was how his immortal hands had become so weather-beaten. He looked at the dark water as he pushed the long rod back down into it. People thought he operated on a river within Tartus, at least some people did. Either that or they thought Styx was inside Tartus. He’d always been amazed at how stupid mortals were, they would argue that their not supposed to be here, that he wasn’t supposed to be here, that none of this was real. These two didn’t even seem to care, they seemed to just accept all of it, or ignore it.


            “They’re not soldiers Weirdo.”


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