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Brothers & Sisters – Chapter Twenty-Three: Lilith’s Check Mate

Brothers & Sisters
A Tale of The Weirdo
By Brett N. Lashuay

Chapter Twenty-Three

Lilith’s Check Mate



April 14th, 2003

7:54 a.m.


            Max was lost in a dream, looking for something that had become lost. He couldn’t remember what it was, or even what it looked like, but he kept looking anyway. He was looking around the whole house and finally came to the front door. He touched the handle and was surprised to find it warm; the knob was usually so cold. He opened the door and found that now the door opened into a wild-west town. It wasn’t a real wild-west town; it actually looked like the Spanish plains.


            He felt something in his hands and fell to his knees to examine them. They were twins, perfectly weighted for his hands. They were a pair of Samuel Colt’s patented peacemakers, forty-five caliber double action revolvers. He knew them, he knew these pistols because they were his pistols. They were made of silver, but had tarnished badly over the last hundred years since the death of the last one who owned them.


            “Someone who just got the job might want to clean those up.” He heard the gray man say. “Would impress the new bosses.”


            “Someone who wanted to impress the new bosses wouldn’t have been given the job.” Max found himself saying.


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