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Brothers & Sisters – Chapter Twenty-Four: The Forces of Evil are Victorious (Do not forsake me oh my darling)

Brothers & Sisters
A Tale of The Weirdo
By Brett N. Lashuay

Chapter Twenty-Four

The Forces of Evil are Victorious

(Do not forsake me oh my darling)



April 14th, 2003

11:45 a.m.


            They writhed on the floor, shaking as Lilith walked towards a second stairway. This stone walk way led up to the roof, where the ritual began. They were unmoving for some time, though few have a capacity to tell how long. The pain was unendurable, yet it never seemed to break them. It seemed to hold them at the very edge of their endurance, to keep them in pain for as long as possible.


            On another floor, Aphrodite was trying to crawl away as another shock of pain wracked her body. Eoster had somehow managed to get out of the scope of influence and watched as Aphrodite and the gray man shuddered and writhed on the floor. Her hand went to her mouth to hold back a scream as they lay trying to scream. That was the worst part, after a few early cries, they simply made croaking noises.


            She couldn’t endure watching any longer and something from her belly made her move. Later she wondered if it was the child inside her that made her move, and had protected her. Tears were pouring down her face she hadn’t noticed that she was sobbing until this moment. She turned and began to run down the hall, trying to figure out what to do, and bumped into an answer.

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Toll House


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