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Hard Boiled Christmas (Complete)

It’s a Film Noir style world where holidays are people and no one is what they seem. Private Detective Jack Collier finds himself drawn back into a world he thought he’d left behind when his former lover, Christmas is found beaten and left for dead in a parking lot. Jack examines both his love for Christmas and the situation in trying to discover who attacked her and why. He’s beset on all sides by her former husband, the gangster called Church; her current employer, a corrupt businessman known only as The Fat Man; and a conspiracy that may run even deeper.

Day 1: Christmas Again
Day 2: The Fat Man
Day 3: History
Day 4: Lunch at the Mall
Day 5: The Car and The Agents
Day 6: Solstice Yule
Day 7: Lunch
Day 8: Mithras
Day 9: Church
Day 10: Cliffhanging
Day 11: Mr. Frost
Day 12: The Man in the Brown Corduroy Suit
Day 13: Talk of Rings
Day 14: Old Joe’s Pawn Shop
Day 15: Church in the Office
Day 16: Where Do We Go Now?
Day 17: Dinner and a Show
Day 18: Standing in the Snow
Day 19: Where Have You Been?
Day 20: Sandy Cloose
Day 21: The Same Gun
Day 22: Mr. Smith Goes to Hell
Day 23: The Two of Us, Alone
Day 24: The Exciting Climax
Day 25: The Last Day

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