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In the Cabinet (Complete)

An old high school friend comes to Jack asking him to investigate the murder of her father. Jack quickly finds himself embroiled in a case with a serial killer and his victims. In the end, Jack ends up fighting for his life against a maniac and his handlers.

Day One: The Check
Day Two: Sam Hain, Magician
Day Three: The Rest of the Cast
Day Four: The Show
Day Five: Becky, The Goth Punk Princess
Day Six: Hewie Homunculus, The Emo Assistant
Day Seven: The Office
Day Eight: Eddie the Bear and his Friends
Day Nine: Dr. Calgary, a medical doctor
Day Ten: Knock, The Mountain Troll
Day Eleven: Jack The Cat and the Murderer
Day Twelve: The License Question
Day Thirteen: Would the last one to leave please turn out the lights?

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