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Jack & Jill (Complete)

A wealthy man’s daughter is kidnapped and Jack goes to Georgia to rescue her. While there he finds that kidnapping might not be the right word. He also finds himself in more trouble than he can handle.

Part One: Meet Jill
Part Two: Jack, Without Pail
Part Three: Just a Room
Part Four: Ding Dong Bell
Part Five: King, Cole & Fiddlers Three
Part Six: The Mexicans
Part Seven: Jill Sees Jack
Part Eight: Jack Sees Jill
Part Nine: Ambush
Part Ten: Another Long Minute
Part Eleven: Hospital
Part Twelve: Jack’s Ride Home
Part Thirteen: Jill’s Ride Home
Part Fourteen: Cole King’s Confession
Part Fifteen: Home Again, Home Again
Part Sixteen: Purity
Part Seventeen: Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill

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