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Liberty’s Child (Complete)

An exhausted Jack comes back from a long trip only to find another job waiting for him. The daughter of another of Jack’s former lovers is kidnapped and he’s asked to help get her back. When he finds her though, it turns out that nothing about this kidnapping was what it appeared to be. Jack is trapped between doing the job he was paid for and trying not to falter under the continued strain of sleep deprivation. He risks not only failing at the task he sets himself, but he risks loosing everything by the end.

Day One: June 20th
Day Two: Coming Home
Day Three: Stately Freedom Manor
Day Four: Major Freedom
Day Five: Liberty and Me
Day Six: The Flower Garden
Day Seven: Beethoven and the Bird
Day Eight: Between Action
Day Nine: The Video
Day Ten: Eddie the Bear
Day Eleven: Piggy, Mok and Griff
Day Twelve: Well, That Was Easy
Day Thirteen: Or Not
Day Fourteen: Five Long Minutes
Day Fifteen: Six With One Blow
Day Sixteen: Church’s Return
Day Seventeen: Dee’s Office
Day Eighteen: Another Chapter
Day Nineteen: Piggy’s End
Day Twenty: Columbia and Heart
Day Twenty-One: Aftermath
Day Twenty-Two: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Day Twenty-Three: The Hudson Super Six

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