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The Return of Jack Collier (Complete)

Chapter One: Coming Up For Air
Chapter Two: The First of Three Former Lovers
Chapter Three: The Second Lover
Chapter Four: The Last of Three Lovers
Chapter Five: Learning to Walk
Chapter Six: Coming Home
Chapter Seven: Rising Up Back on the Street
Chapter Eight: Alice and the Looking Glass
Chapter Nine: Personal History
Chapter Ten: When Men Talk Beauty
Chapter Eleven: The Big Talk
Chapter Twelve: Working My Way Back to You Babe
Chapter Thirteen: Who Runs This Place?
Chapter Fourteen: Looking for Cole King
Chapter Fifteen: Found him
Chapter Sixteen: Stone Cold
Chapter Seventeen: Taking Away
Chapter Eighteen: Out on the Ledge.
Chapter Nineteen: The Three Fairy Godfathers
Chapter Twenty: Who’s in Charge Here?
Chapter Twenty-One: Jill’s Last Day
Chapter Twenty-Two: Talking to Daddy
Chapter Twenty-Three: I Got a Man
Chapter Twenty-Four: Just Looking After You
Chapter Twenty-Five: California Dreaming
Chapter Twenty-Six: Trouble
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Countdown
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Meanwhile
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Then the Knight Saves the Princess
Chapter Thirty: Cavalry and Cavalcades
Chapter Thirty-One: Kidnapped Again
Chapter Thirty-Two: A Lion’s Den
Chapter Thirty-Three: Bullets Miss Me
Chapter Thirty-Four: Mister Temple
Chapter Thirty-Five: On the Road Again
Chapter Thirty-Six: Running Home
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Going to Grandma’s House
Chapter Thirty-Eight: In Which Jack Kicks Ass and Takes Names
Chapter Thirty-Nine: How Far Will They Go?
Chapter Forty: My Man Will Come
Chapter Forty-One: Everything You Know is Wrong
Chapter Forty-Two: The Angriest Song Ever.
Chapter Forty-Three: Holding Out For a Hero
Chapter Forty-Four: All For You
Chapter Forty-Five: Suspension
Chapter Forty-Six: Now Who’s Rich?
Chapter Forty-Seven: How You’ve Grown
Chapter Forty-Eight: Changing Faces
Chapter Forty-Nine: She Gave Her Angels
Chapter Fifty: The Problem with the Check
Chapter Fifty One: Suspiciously Like a Happy Ending.

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