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Wonderland (Complete)

Jack Collier returns for another job. This time he’s hired by a man wanting to halt theft of his products, but gets embroiled in a larger case when he and his employer are robbed at gun point his first day on the job. Things are further complicated when mob hit men show up and kill the thieves just as Jack is getting to them. A simple job turns into a tale of drugs, porn and international criminal organizations.

Part One: Mister Rabbit
Part Two: A Simple Job Goes Wrong
Part Three: A Trip to Wonderland
Part Four: The Surprise Egg
Part Five: Awaken Dream Child
Part Six: Aiding and Abetting
Part Seven: The Hotel
Part Eight: Alice in Wonderment
Part Nine: Putting Together Pieces
Part Ten: Trail’s End
Part Eleven: Time Gentlemen
Part Twelve: Settling up

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