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Product review: Magic Marbles

I bought these Magic Marbles a little while ago, and you simply must buy these things! You can get them cheaper from this place, but you don’t really need that many. The kit came with 5 grams, and the other place sells them in groups of 50 grams. You may want that many, but need and want are different things.

All these things are, is a kind bead that absorbs water and becomes a gel like marble. Simple enough, but they have some fun properties.

The kit comes with a small tank, which helps because it gives you something to put them in. However, you can’t put all the marbles in the tank and expect them to grow to full size. For once, there’s actually too much stuff for the thing that they include to put them in. This means… MORE SUFF TO PLAY WITH! Unapproved uses! WOOO!

Now, what makes these things really fun, is that they have the same refraction index as water, so unless you look very close, you can’t tell they’re in there. If you have colored ones, you just see splotches of color. While they’re being sold as a toy here, the real use for them is growing water loving plants. They hold water and release it slowly, so you don’t need to water quite so often. I’m going to buy some bamboo, which should look neat held up by these marbles. They also feel neat when you slip your fingers in and wiggle them around.

Let’s look at some pictures…

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Candy dénouement

So I looked out the kitchen window, right? Now yesterday I never looked, even though normally I do. The kitchen window looks at the back door, where we normally get deliveries. I noticed a box and said “What the hell?” as we weren’t expecting anything. So I went out and what did I find? Well, I’ll show you…

I would like to blame Alex, since he’s only 4, but I know better. My sister doesn’t need a 4 year old to encourage her to buy me candy.

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Swords of Might Grab Bag 2: A Very Disappointing Grab Bag

Got another $100 Swords of Might bag… or did I? I would almost say we were charged for a $100 bag but received a $50 bag, since this is nothing like the first one.

I don’t even think I could flog this off on ebay and get my $100 back. I’m pretty much stuck with a severely undervalued grab bag. The problem there is they keep saying how they give people far more than their money’s worth. Tell me, is this worth $100?

FIRST lets have a look at the first grab bag we got. 3 swords, an axe, a stand, some knives and other bits of stuff. 12 items in all.

Now, this bag…

Cutest thing in the box.

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Another Grab Bag

So after my last adventure with a Grab Bag, I’m giving it another go. This time we’re going with BudK’s $50 grab bag, which promises a $100 value. I’m a little annoyed today, because of some things that happened here. I’m only stating that because it’s connected with buying things and spending of monies and accounting and things like that and… it might have tempered my review. I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ll say at the outset that I wasn’t elated at what I found when I opened the box.

This is the box.

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My First Swords of Might Grab Bag

Grab bags are a gamble, but usually one that pats off enough for you to want to play again. Does anyone remember my adventure with the Archie McFee surprise bag? You should, some of you now have the stuff featured in those photos.

Now I’ve learned a little about how these things tend to work recently. You tend to get three kinds of items in a grab bag. Overstocked items that aren’t shifting fast enough, discontinued items that are just lying around taking up space, and samples from manufactures that can’t really be sold as normal products. From what I’ve learned they tend not to be big profit items, if you get a $50 grab bag, then it probably cost them close to $50 to fill it. However, and this is the important part, if you check the list price you can often find you’ve got anywhere between two and five times the value of the amount you paid. A $50 dollar grab bag can get you $150 worth of stuff (by the prices listed in the catalogue) so it usually comes off feeling like a good deal. It works for the shop, because they get rid of unmoving stock, make a sale, and the customer usually feels fairly warmly toward the shop.

The only real peril in buying a grab bag is that you never know if what you’re going to get in the package. No choice means it could be a lot of junk, or just stuff you plain aren’t interested in. However, as people learned to their possible chagrin, I have ways of dealing with that. I keep a drawer O’ fun and the things I don’t want go in the drawer for later distribution. Actually the drawer is the third stop. Syd and Hol get pick over stuff I’m not interested in before the drawer gets it.

So what I’m leading up to is another set of photos! Today’s box O’ fun comes from Swords Of Might and I got the $100 option.

SO I start with the box. It’s about 4 foot tall.


36.7 lbs


So what happens when we open the box?

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